Top Video sharing sites?

The internet has always presented numerous advantages in almost all aspects of life. For instance, with the emergence and rise of video sharing websites; anyone can now upload and download their videos.

The sites allows anyone even those who have never created even a single video as well as professional video editors. Since the emergence of these sites, several video sites have been established. Some of the top video sharing sites are as follows:

1. YouTube

When one mentions video sharing sites, the first thing that comes to mind is YouTube mainly because of its popularity and ease of use. It is definitely the most popular site and probably even more popular than television. The only drawback of this site is that its policy on copyright is excessively strict and one cannot upload TV shows, movies, videos etc. without permission.

2. Vevo

This is the perfect video sharing site other than YouTube for musicians and music lovers. The quality of the videos found on the website is good and it provides a well-structured platform for musicians to share new videos as well as for fans to find and download music videos free of charge. The site is however not perfect as every video is attached to an ad you cannot detach. In addition, some viewers in certain regions are not allowed to view some videos.

3. Vimeo

This is still a new site, but one that is constantly increasing in popularity. Users of the site can open a premium or free Vimeo accounts both of which have different attributes. Generally, the premium account has more storage space and more advantages compared to the free basic account with limited storage space. The site mostly deals with professionally shot videos. Its major disadvantage is that the numbers of views per video are much less compared to YouTube.

4. Flickr

Big surprise, right? Flickr does just enable people to share photographs. It also enables video hosting and just like Vimeo, users can open either of two accounts; the free or paid one. Those with a free account can only upload two videos, which can only be 90secs long, and not more than 150mbs. Those with paid accounts have no limitation on the number of videos they can upload, but the restrictions on their size and length still apply.

5. Dailymotion

This is a French video sharing site that allows its users to upload and share videos that are as long as 60minutes and up to 2GB in size. To browse and view videos, users have to search for channels, user-created groups, and search tags. The quality of the videos to be uploaded is also limited, but despite these limitations, Dailymotion still remains a good sharing site that could actually pose a competitive threat to YouTube in the near future.

6. Veoh

The site mainly hosts studio content and other related videos. There are no limitations on the length or size of the video uploaded. A better quality about this site is that users can embed the codes for uploaded videos on their websites and blogs. One can also rate, comment on, and discuss videos with others.

7. Break

This video sharing site is mainly popular for its funny videos, clips, and images. All major video and image formats can be uploaded to this site. There are three ways that users on Break can use to upload content; right from a cell phone, via email and from the site page. Its only limitation is that videos exceeding 60mb cannot be uploaded.

8. Metacafe

The site has thousands of videos on different niches including sports, video games, music, and movies. Television content is not excluded either. The quality of the videos is essentially high and the site only allows a video to be uploaded once hence no duplicate content. One of the reasons it is popular is that it pays people to upload videos i.e. on obtaining 20,000 views; the site will pay $5 for every 1,000 views.

Other than the above discussed sites, other additional top video sharing sites include Vibe, NetFlix, Twitch, and Yahoo! Screen. Video sharing has revolutionized the ways in which people can promote their work as well as get access to cool videos. They make it easier for people to access information stored in the form of videos online as well as for people of different professions to promote their work.

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