Benefits of Video Marketing

When asked what is video marketing? You will probable thing of two distinct things: marketing with video or marketing a video.

Marketing with Video

Marketing with Video, commonly referred as video marketing is frequently used by marketers as a sales promotion tool. Video is included inside an email marketing campaign or in the form of a webinar series for creating leads.

For instance, you can use video to explain to customers the specific elements of your product when they visit your web site.

Marketing a Video

The main objective of marketing a video is to build brand awareness. The idea is always to deliver a message in such a way that individuals will need to share the information through social media platforms.

How Does Video Marketing On Google Differ to YouTube?

You may think video marketing on Google is similar to YouTube since Google owns You Tube, however the techniques of marketing videos on these two platforms have greatly changed.

People looking for solutions to questions on YouTube expect to watch a video. That’s quite easy to understand because individuals are looking for a video response to their question.

On the other hand, Google does not follow the same script. If you have your meta-data (keywords, description, title) properly optimized there is a higher chance your You Tube video being ranked on top of the first page of Google or You Tube.

How to Get Your Videos Ranked On the First Pages of YouTube or Google

Your meta-data is the key to getting higher ranks. Google algorithm favors informational keywords to rank online videos. Informational keywords begin with phrases like: What is” or “Why does” or “How to”. This because informational keywords normally don’t have paid per click promotion along the sidebar.

Secondly, Google algorithm will tend to place informational keyword phrases on top of the first page because the videos describing “how to” do something are mostly searched by viewers who are looking for free solutions to their problems.

Now if you look at commercial keywords, you will find out different scenario. It is much harder to get a YouTube video ranked on top if Google knows it can charge promoters to be on page one.

You need to choose your topic carefully. You need to check how competitive the competition key phrase is there in order to know how much effort you’ll require to put into promoting you video to get a good return.

If YouTube has several videos with the same title as your proposed online marketing video that’s a good sign however it also means it will take more effort and time to rise above them. Conversely if there no competing videos it will be easier to rank but cannot reach a wider market.

How to Using Social Media Carry Out Video Marketing

What is video marketing using social media? Normally video marketing goes hand-in-hand with social media campaigns. It involves carry out video marketing using social media platforms such Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

If you are going to take this approach then you need a tool that can track your marketing campaign. Monitoring and tracking is necessary to understanding what’s working and what is not and understanding what your target audience needs.

Why Online Video Marketing is Important to Your Online Marketing Promotion Strategy

The use of online video marketing may sound intimidating, however, once you are on the right track it can be a great way to generate new business connections and be able to make more sales. With several internet user viewing videos on a daily basis, it good to add video to your online marketing campaign.

Why Online Video Marketing Best Sales Tool

A growing number of people are shopping online nowadays and you should take advantage of this. Online Video Marketing will help you reach a wider audience. However, do not overdo it. Keep your online videos short and sweet… approximately ninety seconds to two minutes is appropriate.

Online video advertising is one of the most effective marketing strategy and is showing every sign of continuing growth. Which means that you almost certainly need to include it in your marketing strategy. With this quick guide introduction to what is video marketing, you now stand a better position to ensure your business is successful.


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