Refund Policy

Downloadable files & System to Follow

For any product that includes downloadable files, and a system to follow, a refund will only be issued if you have taken action and you can prove it.

Please read the product description and make sure you are going to put in the work because there is no such thing as a getting rich quick system.  You must do your part and implement the system.  If you are not willing to work, our products are not for you.

We want to avoid people downloading our content and asking for a refund to keep our content for free.  To get a refund, you must meet the following requirements.

1. You Asked for a refund within 30 days

2. You can prove that you took action to implement the system.

3. You have deleted all our content that you have downloaded and used so far. You have Uninstalled and deleted any software of template from your computer/server.

4. You have sent this request to us at from the email you’ve made the purchase.
Please fill in the missing information:

I  (Your full name), request a refund for (product/upgrade name) for the amount of  (price paid)  and I understand that I have requested a refund and therefore cannot download or use the content.  If I have downloaded it already, I will erase it completely from my computer and/or any device.  I will uninstall any template/content provided in the package on my domain(s) and delete them from my server.

I also understand that if I use this content after I have asked for a refund, I will face legal consequences.

(Your full name)


Done-For-You services and Coaching Calls

There is no refund for done-For-you services and coaching calls as we will spend valuable time to fulfill these services and time is not refundable.

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